English and Math Placement 

Beginning with fall 2019, English and Math assessment is no longer required at Ventura College! Instead, Ventura College is using multiple measures, including high school grade point average, coursework, and specific grades for placement into English and Math courses.

Please review the information below to select the correct English and Math class that works for your academic goal.



Congratulations! You're ready for English V01A, the required writing class for all associate's degrees and for transfer. You can do it! But if you don't feel ready yet, you can take one of our super-supported English V01A classes. These classes are especially designed to have a friendly, supportive, and helpful classroom environment, so that you can succeed.

Find a class that works for you. We have a large selection of classes to meet your personal preference. We offer fully in-person classes, hybrid classes (combination of online and in-person), and fully online classes.


 We have a variety of math courses that you can choose from, based primarily on your career goals. To learn more about the correct math course based on your goals, please complete the Math Self-Guided Placement. 

If you prefer a brief overview:
  • B-STEM careers normally start with Math V04 (College Algebra)
  • Liberal Arts careers normally start with Math V40 (Math for the Liberal Arts)
  • Humanities normally start with Math V44 (Introduction to Statistics)
  • Elementary Ed Teachers will begin with Math V38 (Math for the Elementary School Teacher)

Most of these courses offer a support option (an additional J course) for you to have extra support and review time with your instructor.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students who have completed previous college level English or Math coursework,  Advanced Placement (AP) tests, did not complete the 11th grade, are learning English as a Second Language, graduated high school more than 10 years ago or who have foreign transcripts are strongly advised to speak to an Academic Counselor prior to enrolling into a transfer-level English and Math course.


Talk to a counselor, give us a call at 805-289-6448 our visit our Counseling Department website for other scheduling options.