Attention: Protecting the health and safety of our students and employees is our top priority. Requests for prerequisite and corequisite clearances may take longer than usual. Please be patient with us and if you have not been cleared within 3-5 business day of your request, please call our office.

If the student has attempted to register via online or in-person and gets a “prerequisite and test score-error message” or if the students knows he/she needs to be cleared for a prerequisite or co-requisite, the student needs to complete the following steps before attempting to complete the registration process. It is highly recommended the student seek approval for the clearance BEFORE attempting to register to minimize time delays. Otherwise, student will not be permitted to register for the course(s).

Steps to Requesting Unblocking (Clearance) of a Prerequisite

1. Download the Prerequisite Release Form by clicking here or picking up the form at the Information Desk located inside the SSC building. For office location, go to Maps and Parking

2. Complete the form and attach supporting documentation (official or unofficial college or high school transcripts [if appropriate]), grade reports, test scores, AP scores, etc.) prior to registration. For math placement at the start of a Math sequence, the student can use high school transcripts, college transcripts from another college, or AP scores. For English placement, test scores from Cal State University, CTEP, or other selected validated standardized test scores may be submitted as documentation for course placement. Click here for list of acceptable alternative English and Math placement criteria.

3. Deliver completed Pre-Requisite Release Form and documentation to the Student Services Information Desk in-person or email. The email address is Please make sure to include a Pre-Requisite Release Form with your name, the class(es) you are requesting clearance for, student ID number and a contact telephone number or email. Student cannot submit this information via phone request.

4. Prerequisite clearance form requests will be reviewed and processed within 72 hours.

5. If the prerequisite request(s) is denied, the student may elect to Challenge the Prerequisite. For more detail on this process, go to  and read the section titled “How to Challenge a Prerequisite or Corequisite.”