Welcome to CalWORKs at Ventura College!

CalWORKs is California's welfare reform program designed to help head of households become self-sufficient through a variety of educational and work-related activities, including attendance at Ventura College.

What is CalWORKs? 

The CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity & Responsibility to Kids) program can provide cash assistance to families with children.

Certain adults in the program are required to participate in welfare-to-work activities, such as looking for a job, attending job training, working, or furthering their education, which will improve their chances for long term employment and self-sufficiency.

To apply you must visit the County of Ventura Human Services Agency website or call 1-866-904-9362

How does this connect to Ventura College?

Students begin at the Human Services Agency. Those required to participate in welfare-to-work activities are often provided the opportunity to attend college as part of their activities. The Human Services Agency will often refer students to our college for the purpose of furthering their education with the goal of improving their opportunities for long term employment and self-sufficiency. This requires the student to acquire a referral to our office for academic counseling. 

Who is Eligible:

  • TANF (cashaid) recipients who are receiving cash aid and have or are developing a Welfare-to-Work (WTW) plan that refers them to the college for education and training
  • Self-Initiated Program (SIP) Participants
  • Exempt TANF recipients who have an educational plan with clear goals for completion
  • All clients require a referral from their employment specialist for our services.

Who is Not Eligible:

  • Sanctioned Students
    • Sanction Student Policy:  If a student has been sanctioned during a semester, services can be provided until the end of the semester; sanction must be cured by the end of the semester to continue for the next semester.
  • Students who are not receiving cash aid for themselves - only their children are receiving cash aid.
  • Students who are not receiving cash aid for themselves, only receiving food stamps.
  • Former TANF recipients who have "timed-out" of the welfare system and are no longer eligible to receive cash aid.
  • Tribal TANF participants.
  • Individuals on SSI (not receiving TANF cash aid)


    What You Need to Do: 

    Before coming to the Ventura College CalWORKs office you will need to ...

    1. Meet with your County Employment Specialist 
    2. Get a referral and/or a Welfare-to-Work Plan

    Then you will need to ...

    1. Call and make an appointment to see the CalWORKs Counselor/Coordinator at the Ventura College CalWORKs office.Bring your referral or WTW plan. If not already a student, we will guide you with how to apply for admissions to the College
    2. The CalWORKs Counselor/Coordinator will help you develop an Individual Training Plan (ITP) and book voucher request to provide to your Employment Specialist/Worker. Each semester you will need to provide your Employment Specialist with an ITP and book voucher request form along with providing the CalWORKs office an updated WTW plan. 
    3. During your first semester you will want to make an appointment with the CalWORKs Counselor/Coordinator to develop a Student Educational Plan (SEP), which details your educational goals.
    4. It is important that you remain in regular contact and keep the Ventura College CalWORKs office updated with your WTW Status/participation.