2018- 2019 Student Clubs and Organizations

The beginning of each Fall and Spring semester we kick off with our annual Student Life Day where we have a variety of student clubs and organizations are active on campus each semester. These organizations provide an opportunity for students to meet, organize, and work together to achieve specific goals. Students have the ability to gain valuable leadership experiences while also developing their personal and professional networks. Ventura College Student Clubs and organizations are crucial to the student experience on campus and consistently preparing and planning engaging student events and activities. Below you will find a list of active student organizations for the 2018-2019 school year.


Photo of ASVC Officers

Active Student Organizations

Below is an alphabetical list of active student organizations email addresses.

How to Start a Club at Ventura College 

Student Organizations that are recognized by Associated Students of Ventura College (ASVC) are allowed to use of the College name, use of College facilities, & can request funds from ASVC.  Any enrolled Ventura College student is able to form a club or organizations. In order to receive approval from ASVC clubs or organizations must complete the following requirements:

  • A minimum of five (5) Ventura College Students who have paid their Student Activity Fee
  • A minimum of one (1) advisor who is a Ventura College faculty or staff that will advise and provide guidance to the student organization on various college policies, supervise all financial activity and be present at all meetings and events. All advisors must sign the "Advisor Agreement" (see New Club Packet)
  • Have a constitution and by-laws providing details on how the club/organization will operate and the roles of the organization officers.
  • Submit the New Club Packet to the Student Activities Office

Once all requirements have been fulfilled, ASVC will then review the new student organization's constitution and bylaws at the weekly ASVC Executive Committee Meeting. The approval process may take up to two (2) weeks.  

Requesting Funding from ASVC

All active student organizations and campus departments have the ability to request funds from ASVC. In order to submit a request for funding, student organizations and campus departments must submit a ASVC Funding Request to the Student Activities Office. Once the request has been received, it will then be reviewed by the ASVC Executive Committee to then placed on the agenda for the following Tuesday at the ASVC Board meeting. It is not required, but is highly recommended  for a club representative to attend the meeting in order to provide any needed clarification to the Board. The request, then may be referred to the Finance and Budget Committee and brought back to the next ASVC Board Meeting for a final vote. The process may take up to at least two (2) weeks, so please plan your requests accordingly. However in order to ensure the event or activity you are planning is successful and is implemented smoothly it is highly recommended to plan on submitting your six (6) weeks prior to your event or activity. For more tip and info on planning events on campus, please see our Event Planning Basics and Event Planning Checklist.