Steps to Completing a Petition to Challenge a Prerequisite or Co-requisite

1. Download the Petition to Challenge a Prerequisite or Co-requisite by clicking here or pick up the petition at the Ventura College Information Desk or Assessment Office. Both offices are located inside the SSC building. For office location, go to  To challenge a Spanish prerequisite, please complete and submit the supplementary form available by clicking here

3. Deliver the completed petition and documentation to the Assessment Office for processing. The student should request a dated copy of the petition from the Assessment Office staff upon submission. The Assessment office will forward the petition to the appropriate Division Office for review by a department representative.

4. Within five working days (commencing at 8 am on the first work day following submission of the petition), the Division Office will notify the student, via email, if the petition has been approved or denied.

5. If approved, the Division Office will release the block on the registration system. The student may then register (on his/her designated registration date) via online or in-person.

6. If denied, the student must complete prerequisite/corequisite as stated in the college catalog.