Ventura College provides students who have completed coursework at a regionally accredited college or university with an official evaluation of how their coursework applies to their academic goal. To request an evaluation follow, please these important steps:

  1. Check with the Admissions and Records Office to make sure we have received the transcript(s) for which you wish to request an evaluation.
  2. Meet with a Counselor during drop-in hours to discuss your educational goal, create a one semester education plan and submit a transcript evaluation request.

A Counselor will complete the evaluation and you will be notified via your school email by Counseling when the transcript evaluation is complete. Once you received the email, schedule an appointment with a counselor to review the results and create a comprehensive educational plan.

Any other evaluation not following this process is considered as a preliminary review and is used only for advisement purposes.

If you have additional questions please contact our Counseling office (805) 289-6448.