Nursing Application Process





These changes do not apply to students on the current waitlist as of 12/1/2022, provided they remain on the waitlist until they are admitted.

**Effective February 1-28th 2024 application cycle (for Fall 2024 admission)**

The Nursing Waitlist will re-open.  The entering class will be selected on the basis of available openings in the order determined by the student’s ranking on the multi-criteria screening (75% of class) and based on the existing Waitlist order (25% of class). Each qualified applicant, when selected, must decide to enter the class, remove his or her name from the waitlist, or request a deferment. Applicants may defer entry one time only. The following semester entry is not guaranteed. Students who choose not to enter when selected after a deferment must meet all current requirements and reapply as a new student. Those qualified applicants who are not selected may retain their names on the waitlist.

**Effective August 1 – 31st 2023 application cycle for Spring 2024 admission)**

The Ventura College Nursing Program will utilize the first attempt on ATI TEAS 7 only for eligibility. Please be aware that students are allowed only two (2) attempts on the TEAS exam (ATI TEAS version 7).

**Effective February 1-28th 2024 application cycle (for Fall 2024 admission)**

  • High school chemistry will no longer be accepted to fulfill the Nursing Prerequisite requirement – students must complete a college chemistry course with a corresponding lab
  • A seven year recency requirement for Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology will be instituted for both Generic and Advanced Placement applicants


**Applicants must have a valid VCCCD Student ID#. If you are not a current student, you must first complete the Ventura College admissions application at 

Apply and Enroll at Ventura College

(If you have previously attended VC, MC, or OC but has been more than a year, you will need to update your information by submitting a new admission application)**

**Must be 18 or older to apply

Application Process for students interested in the Generic and Advanced Placement options:

Applications are accepted twice a year:  August for Spring admission and February for Fall admission (see dates below)

August 1st – August 31st (11:59pm PST) for Spring admission

February 1st – February 28th (11:59pm PST) for Fall admission

The required prerequisites must be completed to apply - No Prerequisites can be in-progress

  • Intermediate Algebra or higher-level math
  • Chemistry with lab
  • Anat V01 – anatomy w/lab
  • Phso V01 – physiology w/lab
  • Micr V01 – microbiology w/lab
  • Current CA CNA Certification (or CA Psych Tech or CA LVN)

Official transcripts from ALL regionally accredited colleges/universities attended/attempted must be on file and scanned with the VC Admissions and Records office PRIOR to completing the next step.  Transcripts must be current – all grades posted through current term and required from each individual college/university attended.

Transcripts from Ventura, Moorpark, or Oxnard College are not required.  Official transcripts submitted to Moorpark or Oxnard College will be accessible to Ventura College.

Ventura College Admissions & Records Office will accept official, electronic transcripts through email, provided the transcript is sent from a certified transcript ordering service.

  • Order your transcript through your institution's electronic delivery service 
  • If prompted to enter an email, use
    • Transcripts emailed from a student's address or unauthorized sender will not be accepted

Ventura College Admissions & Records Office will accept official, sealed transcripts through mail.  Mailed transcripts may take up to 10 working days to process after receipt.  Mailed transcripts may be addressed to:

Ventura College Admissions & Records
4667 Telegraph Road
Ventura, CA 93003

Students can contact the Admissions and Records office to verify transcripts are on file and scanned:  phone: 805-289-6457 or email: (question must be emailed from your MyVCCCD email).




Nursing Eligibility Form

Complete the Nursing Eligibility Form (link below) to be reviewed for eligibility to apply. Only eligible applicants can apply.  You must complete the Nursing Eligibility form by 12:00pm PST on August 30th or February 27th.  A counselor will review the information and determine if you are eligible.

  • If ELIGIBLE, you will be sent a link to access the online Nursing Application
  • If NOT ELIGIBLE, you will be informed why you are not meeting eligibility

You will be notified via your MyVCCCD email only within 2 business days


Nursing Eligibility Form will be active Aug 1 – 30th and Feb 1 – 27th

Nursing Eligibility Form



Nursing Program Application & TEAS

If it is determined that you are eligible to apply, you will receive an email to your MyVCCCD email with the link to complete the Nursing Application.  All completed applications must be submitted by 11:59pm PST on August 31st or February 28th.   

The email will include instructions and a link to the Nursing Application.  The link cannot be shared with anyone.  Once the online application has been submitted no changes can be made.  If more than one application exists, only the first submitted application will be accepted.   Please note that this will conclude the application process.  No counseling appointment is required to submit the application.

Students will need to upload a copy of their current CA CNA certificate* (or Psych Tech or LVN license) and any documentation required for the Multi-Criteria (if applicable).  Please review the Multi-Criteria Points document for detailed information and documentation required (located on the Nursing Science webpage).  *If the CA CNA certificate has not been received, documentation showing Passing the State CNA skills and written exams will be accepted to apply.  Student will have to present the original current CNA certificate to the Nursing Department once received.

TEAS EXAM (required by August 31 or February 28 to finalize the application)

Ventura College Nursing requires the first attempt results on ATI TEAS version 7 (subject to change) showing a Total Score of 62% or higher. 

Registering for the TEAS exam through Ventura College:

ATI TEAS testing is provided ONLY for Ventura College ADN program applicants.  Ventura College offers test dates as a courtesy to students who are applying to the nursing program.  Appointment dates to test with Ventura College are limited. The TEAS will be offered on:

  • August 24, 2023 (Thursday) - Ventura College 
  • August 29, 2023 (Tuesday) - Ventura College 
  • February Ventura College (Date TBD)
  • February Ventura College (Date TBD)

After submitting your application electronically, email your TEAS reservation request to Catherine Faulkner at using your email.  Include the following information in the email:

  • Preferred test date
  • Name
  • Personal e-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Student 900 ID number

An email confirmation will be sent directly to each student (upon verification that a nursing application has been submitted). All contact regarding TEAS testing is done by email.  No phone calls please.

Accommodations for testing may be available to students with disabilities. EAC can be reached at 805-289-6300. EAC students will be required to provide proof of eligibility for the current semester from EAC two weeks prior to scheduling the ATI TEAS test.

Students requiring special testing accommodations for diagnosed disabilities must:

  • Obtain EAC (Educational Assistance Center) authorization prior to scheduling an ATI TEAS exam testing date.
  • Provide a copy of the accommodation to Catherine Faulkner when requesting a TEAS reservation.

TEAS Results:

Applicants to the Ventura College nursing program are required to submit ATI TEAS scores to Ventura College by 5pm PST on August 31 or February 28.

  • ATI TEAS test results taken at Ventura College are available to the School of Nursing immediately after the testing.
  • ATI TEAS test results taken at all other locations must be sent via the ATI website to Ventura College by 5pm PST on August 31 or February 28.

It is the student's responsibility to request the results be sent from ATI to Ventura College by the stated deadline.  ATI charges a fee for this service. The student is responsible for payment of this fee. ATI TEAS results sent electronically to Ventura College will be matched to the name under which the student applied to the Nursing Program.  If you have any questions about the TEAS exam, testing accommodations, submitting your score reports, etc. please contact Catherine Faulkner at

  **Students are strongly encouraged to prepare for the TEAS Exam as it is an important component of eligibility.  Study materials are available through ATI 


These changes do not apply to students on the current waitlist as of 12/1/2022, provided they remain on the waitlist until they are admitted.

**Effective February 1-28th 2023 application cycle (for Fall 2023 admission)**

No new applicants will be added to the existing Nursing Waitlist.  The entering class will be selected on the basis of available openings in the order determined by the student’s ranking on the multi-criteria screening (50% of class) and based on the existing Waitlist order (50% of class).  Each qualified applicant, when selected, must decide to enter the class or decline admission or request a deferment.  Deferment will not be an option for new applicants. New qualified applicants that decline admission or who are not selected for admission, WILL NOT be placed on a waitlist and must reapply again during the next application period. Please note that a new application must include all new documentation as any old documents will not be saved.

Communication to students from the Nursing Department regarding admissions/acceptance to the program typically occurs in October/November or April/May. All other students will be notified by December or June, after all admitted students have been confirmed. Updated Wait List numbers are typically sent out in January or July.

Advanced Placement applicants will be added to the existing Advanced Placement Waitlist and admissions is solely based on order on Advanced Placement Waitlist.  Students not chosen for admission will remain on the Advanced Placement Waitlist.  Notification will be sent to students that they are on AP list in October/November or April/May.  Admission is based on space availability.


Students are encouraged to review the Nursing Science webpage and meet with a Nursing Counselor, Bea Herrera or Angelica Gonzales, prior to submitting the Nursing Application to review application information, process, and/or answer any additional questions.  Appointments can be made by calling the Counseling front desk 805-289-6448 or on your MyVCCCD portal (click on the Starfish Connect link).

  • Review the ADN Nursing Application Information Packet
  • Review the Multi-criteria points – gather documentation to upload for application.  Students cannot upload documentation after application is submitted.
  • Prepare for the TEAS exam – visit the ATI website for study materials