In 2010, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) issued a report advocating for higher education alignment in the nursing profession. By achieving higher education and training, nurses can expand their competencies to encompass the ever changing health care field, increase their critical thinking skills for higher acuity patients, manage patient care as primary care providers and analyze quality and effectiveness of care (Institute of Medicine, 2011).  Ventura College encourages the pursuit of higher education, and therefore has partnered with multiple universities to promote bachelor level education while attaining the associate degree level registered nurse degree.

Ventura College School of Nursing offers the associate degree program (ADN) to meet the community’s need to provide healthcare staff to a diverse community. The school of nursing has partnered with multiple universities to meet the IOM call for higher education for our nurses. Ventura College nursing students can start bachelor level nursing programs as early as the first semester of the ADN program by participating in concurrent programs. Many BSN programs run through the summer so the student may focus on ADN study during the fall and spring semesters. These students can complete their bachelor’s degree in nursing in as early as 1 year post associate degree. BSN program styles and admission time vary, to ensure a variety of choices for the nursing student. Students may enroll in a program best suited for their learning.

BSN Partnerships


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