Counseling Department:

Phone: (805) 289-6448
When you call, please ask to speak to the nursing counselors (Beatriz Herrera x6011, or Angelica Gonzales x6010)

Nursing Counselors:      

Beatriz Herrera
Phone: (805) 289-6011

Angelica Gonzales
Phone: (805) 289-6010

Nursing Information Workshop:

Attend the Nursing Information Workshop before meeting with a nursing counselor.

All of the following must be completed:

  • The Ventura College application must be filed for the appropriate semester.
  • It is the applicant's responsibility to check with the transcript clerk in the Office of Admissions and Records to see that his / her official external transcripts are on file at Ventura College.
  • Application to the Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) program must be submitted to the counseling office at Ventura College by September 15 or March 15 to be considered (Please review the process here).


All of the following must be completed before applying to the program: *  

These Ventura College courses, listed with the comparable courses from Moorpark (MC) and Oxnard (OC) Colleges are:

  • Math: completion of a college intermediate algebra course with a minimum grade of C: MATH V03 or MATH V35. (MATH M03 or M03B or M04B - MC; R014 - OC).
    • Math requirements for the associate degree have changed. Please see a nursing counselor for details on these changes.
  • Chemistry: one year of high school (official transcripts will be required) OR one semester of college chemistry with laboratory, with a minimum grade of C: CHEM V20 and V20L, or CHEM V30 and V30L. (CHEM M11 or M12 - MC; CHEM R104,or CHEM R110 - OC). High school chemistry with a lab earning a "C" or better for one full year would then be required.  
    • If Chemistry is taken in high school, student must complete a college-level physical science course to fulfill graduation requirements at Ventura College.
  • Anatomy: college anatomy, 4 semester unit course with laboratory, with a minimum grade of C: (ANAT V01) (ANAT M01 - MC; ANAT R101 - OC). *
  • Physiology: college physiology, 4 semester unit course with lab with a minimum grade of C (PHSO V01).   (PHSO M01 - MC; PHSO R101 - OC). *
  • Microbiology: college bacteriology/microbiology 4 semester unit course with laboratory, with a  minimum grade of C: (MICR V01). (MICR M01 - MC; MICR R100 and R100L - OC). *
  • CNA: current certification as a nursing assistant (CNA) in the State of California or current Psychiatric Technician license, or current CA LVN license, or military medical experience subject to approval by School of Nursing Program Director.
  • All official college/university transcripts must be on file at Ventura College Admissions & Records office prior to scheduling a counseling appointment to apply.

* The math / science faculty strongly recommend that these courses, especially anatomy, physiology and microbiology, be completed during separate terms. A large number of students who have attempted two or more of these classes in a single term, particularly if they have been working while enrolled in college, have experienced serious academic difficulty.

Note: Students must be in good academic standing (not on academic probation) to be eligible for application to the nursing program at Ventura College. All applicants must contact the nursing counselor for specific admission information regarding the nursing program.

Additional courses required for those enrolled in the ADN program are listed below:

With the exception of human development, students may complete these additional courses before or after acceptance into the nursing program. The School of Nursing recommends that students complete as many courses as possible before acceptance as scheduling may be a major problem once admitted to the program. Completion of these courses after completion of the nursing program delays the licensure examination. Students who delay taking the licensure examination have a significantly higher risk of not passing it.

These Ventura College courses, listed with the comparable courses from Moorpark (MC) and Oxnard (OC) Colleges, are:

  • Growth & development across the lifespan: (CDV03 or PSY V05) (PSY M07 - MC; PSY R108 [Developmental Psychology] - OC) - 3 Units
  • ENGL V01A ‑ (ENGL V02 or V03 not acceptable); (ENGL M01A or M01AH ‑ MC; ENGL R101 ‑ (OC) - 4 Units
  • PSY V01 (PSY M01 - MC; PSY R101 ‑ OC) - 3 Units
  • ANTH V02 or SOC V01 or V02 or V03 OR AES V11 (ANTH M02 or SOC M01, M02, M08 ‑ MC; ANTH R102 or SOC R101, R102, R103 ‑ OC) - 3 Units
  • COMM V01(Introduction to Speech) or V10 (COMM M01 or M02 or M07 ‑ MC; COMM R101 ‑(OC). - 3 Units

Additional courses required by Ventura College for the AS degree are:

  • Humanities ‑ 6 units
  • 1 course in Fine or Performing Arts (see AA/AS Check Sheet)
  • 1 Humanities elective (see AA/AS Check Sheet)
  • Physical Education / Health Education ‑ 2 courses (NS V40 fulfills one Health Education requirement for nursing majors only.) - 1 -2 Units
  • American History and Institutions ‑ 1 course (see AA/AS Check Sheet) - 3 Units

Competency Requirements:

  • Reading ‑ satisfactory completion of degree requirements
  • Written expression ‑ satisfactory completion of ENGL V01A
  • Mathematics ‑ satisfactory completion of MATH V35, MATH V03 

Major requirements for transfer students in this field and related disciplines differ from associate degree requirements. If you plan to transfer, consult your counselor.