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Steps to Apply (PDF)

Advanced Placement Application (PDF)


About Applying:

  • Advanced Placement/LVN Handbook 
    • Please see the Advanced Placement Handbook for further information.
    • AP Handbook is available in the School Nursing Office or in the Nursing Counseling Office.
    • An applicant with previous Health Care Credentials may challenge the test for a Nursing Science Course by taking a written and clinical competency test. 
    • For the requirements, please review the Credit by Examination Policy in the Advanced Placement Packet.

Advanced Placement admissions are based on available space. Possible candidates include Licensed Vocational Nursing, transfer nursing students from other accredited colleges, and reentry applicants. Candidates MUST schedule an appointment  with a Nursing Counselor and complete the application for Advanced Placement. All Advanced Placement applicants must meet the ADN program prerequisites and course requirements for admission including an overall minimum GPA of 2.5 or higher and a minimum science GPA of 2.5 in anatomy, physiology and microbiology with no more than one W, D or F in these courses. All prerequisite coursework identified in the college catalog must be completed with a minimum grade of C before transfer credit will be considered. Each applicant will be considered on an individual basis.

  • There are several admission options for advanced placement.
  • These vary depending upon the qualifications and needs of the applicant.
  • All advanced placement admissions are on a space available basis and should be initiated by filing a Petition for Credit by Examination and Application for Advanced Placement with a nursing counselor.
  • Please call the counseling department at (805) 289-6448.

Advanced Placement Application Process:

The applicant must submit a completed application with supporting documentation (transcripts, ATI TEAS score) FIRST to the Nursing Counselor and then contact the School of Nursing. The following items must be submitted with your application in order for it to be considered :   

All Applicants:

  • Submit the completed Application for Advanced Placement to the nursing counselor two months prior to assessment testing for clinical competency.
  • All application materials must be completed one month prior to the admitting semester.
  • Official (SEALED) transcripts from all colleges attended.
  • Official (SEALED) transcripts from high school if no degree is held by applicant.
  • A physical examination, CPR certification, criminal background check, and alcohol and drug screening will be required prior to admission. Students with misdemeanor or felony convictions within the past seven years will not be able to enter the program because of inability to be assigned for clinical experience. (A fee may be charged for tracking services).

Licensed Vocational Nurses must also submit:

  • Copy of current LVN license.
  • A success score on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is required for admission after successful completion of the challenge exam and prior to admission to the nursing program. The current success score is 62% for ATI TEAS or TEAS V but is subject to change. Applicants not meeting the established "success score" will be required to remediate identified deficiencies and successfully retest before entry. A maximum of two TEAS tests are allowed. If taken at a site other than Ventura College, the test results must be electronically submitted to Ventura College via the ATI website (

30 Unit Option for the LVN must also submit:

The 30 unit option may not be recognized by other states and does not lead to an Associate Degree in Nursing. The 30 Unit Option must be declared in the application for Advanced Placement. The 30 unit option student should be aware that they may not change their status as a 30 unit Option RN with the Board of Registered Nursing at any time after licensure.  An LVN accepting the 30 Unit option must meet with the program director and sign a waiver noting that he or she will not receive a college degree. (CANDIDATES WHO ENTER THE PROGRAM IN THE 30-UNIT OPTION CANNOT CHANGE TO THE ADN OPTION.) The 30 unit option student will take the NCLEX-RN exam as anon-graduate.This status will not restrict their practice within California. They may have difficulty applying to a college/university for an advanced degree.

  • Testing to demonstrate theory / clinical competency will not be required.
  • TEAS testing is not required.

Transfer students from other nursing schools must also submit:

  • Course syllabi and college catalog from previous nursing school to determine course placement
  • ATI TEAS score,which must be taken prior to the end of the application period. The current success score is 62% but is subject to change. applicants not meeting the established "success score" will be required to remediate identified deficiencies and successfully retest before entry. A maximum of two TEAS tests are allowed. If taken at a site other than Ventura College, the test results must be electronically submitted to Ventura College via the ATI website. (
  • Evidence of successful completion with a grade of C or higher at least one semester or one nursing course (with a clinical laboratory ) of an accredited nursing program.
  • Two letters of recommendation (nursing school program director and one clinical faculty member) will be required

Readmission applicants must also submit:

  • Transcripts showing completion of academic remediation or evidence from nursing counselors verifying completion of academic remediation
  • ATI TEAS score; the current TEAS success score is 62% but is subject to change. 
  • Approval from Ventura College nursing program faculty for readmission to the nursing program.
  • If a Ventura College student does not pass Nursing Science 10 (first time), then the applicant must reapply to the nursing program if remediation courses are required. The student in this circumstance would no be eligible for Advanced Placement.

Denial of Admission:

  •  Space is unavailable
  • Applicants whose record indicates deficiencies in health and safety such that the applicant is considered a risk to patient, themselves, or others
  • Applicant with an overall GPA <2.5 or science GPA < 2.5
  • Incomplete prerequisites or incomplete Advanced Placement application
  • Applicants with ATI TEAS score < 62% will not be considered for Advanced Placement until the required remediation is completed. Once remediation is completed, the applicant must re-apply and show proof of completed remediation.

To make an appointment with a nursing counselor call (805) 289-6448.