Accreditation for Online Courses


Your DE Team has put together a handy Accreditation Checklist and Resource page to ensure the accreditation reviewers can see your online classes shine! A random selection of 100% online courses during Fall 2022 will be selected by accreditors to review, so now is a great time to double-check your course to ensure your Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) strategies are on target.

  • Our checklist covers the accreditation essentials, focuses on the right kind of RSI, and includes how to demonstrate RSI where accreditation reviewers will look 
  • We've created handy templates you can import for your asynchronous coursescourses with synchronous (live Zoom) meetings, and courses using external tools. Search the Canvas Commons for "RSI Templates" to get a sneak peek.
  • We're invested in making Distance Education shine during accreditation and are offering stipends to faculty to join us for one-hour DE Accreditation workshops!

Please visit the DE Faculty Hub and check out the pages under VC Accreditation 2022 to learn more about the checklist, what to expect for Fall 2022 accreditation reviews, access all the awesome resources your DE Team has created for you, information on how to join a workshop with a paid stipend!! 


Spring 2022 DE Summit - Video Recording

  • Preparing for Fall 2022 Accreditation Course Reviews: Guidelines and Tips for Deploying Accreditation-Ready Online Classes. 
    • Jennifer "Jen" Kalfsbeek-Goetz, VP Academic Affairs, Ventura College
    • Panelists: 
      • Michelle Beard, Math - Ventura College
      • Ruth Bennington, Accounting - Moorpark College 
      • Rolland Petrello, Comm, Speech, Debate - Moorpark College
      • Araceli Trujillo, Spanish - Ventura College
      • Scott Wolf, Music - Oxnard College 
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