Cultural Curriculum Audit and Revision - CCAR

Ventura College’s Cultural Curriculum Audit & Revision originated from Long Beach City College during a collaboration between our colleges in Spring 2021. Since then, Ventura College has been developing and editing our own version of CCAR and collaborating with many along the way. During Spring 2022, Ventura College welcomed a team of 6 from San Jose City College faculty to our cohort. Collaboration, vision, and team leadership is progressing as we plan future cohorts for the 2022-2023 academic year. 

CCAR will help you continue to cultivate an equity-minded approach to our courses through workshops and discussions.  Over a few weeks, you will work with your course success data to better understand who is in your classroom, learn how to apply Universal Design (Accessibility) and Culturally Relevant Teaching practices, and build strategies to shift your approach to your students and your material.

Fall 2023 Cohort

Cohort Summer
Advertisement  Aug 29 - Sept 11
First Meeting - Sept 22 9-1 pm 
2nd Meeting - Sept 29 9-1 pm
Last Meeting - Oct 6 9-1 pm

Historical Data

Participants Spring 2022 2021-2022
Ventura College 27 81
Departments Represented 17 26
Full Time Faculty 13 43
Part Time Faculty 14 38
San Jose Community College Faculty 6 N/A