Professional Development:

Upcoming Events 


Ventura College is happy to bring Professional Development opportunities to staff, faculty, and administration to help develop new skills and stay up to date on current trends that are always evolving within our campus community. Upcoming event information can be found in the VC CANVAS Classified Professional Development Corner, SharePoint, and the Master Calendar. For On-Going PD specific information, please email contact person listed.  

Fall Upcoming Events

Sept. 23rd 


Fall FLEX - 2022

August 10th FLEX Day
August 11th All College Day
September 13th FLEX Day
October 26th FLEX Day

Spring FLEX - 2023

January 5th FLEX Day
March 1st FLEX Day
March 30th FLEX Day


Previous Events & Recordings

  • April 26                         

  • April 11 - 14