Find Your ZEN

Textbooks and supplies are often among the largest educational expenses college students face. As a result, 65% of college students have avoided purchasing textbooks due to prohibitive prices, according to a recent survey by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group Education Fund. 

ZEN is the ZTC (Zero Textbook Cost) Enrollment Program at Ventura College, and it's our goal to increase ZTC student enrollment by creating more zero textbook cost courses for students. The program enables students to use textbooks and online materials for their coursework at no charge. VCCCD students may average savings between $1,400 and $1,700 per year by taking classes that participate in the ZTC program. 

Summer 2023 Cohort 

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ZEN Program is a stipend opportunity Two pathways for adoption
Pathway One Original Content Curation & Creation (60-80 hr. stipend)
Pathway Two OER Adoption with Limited Need for Original Content Creation (31-40 hr. stipend)

We understand that making the switch to ZTC takes a lot of time and resources, which can be tedious for instructors. But you are not alone! ZEN is here to assist faculty in developing high-quality, academically rigorous ZTC courses. By participating in ZEN, you can help make college more affordable for more students. 


Contact our ZEN Lead, Nick Norris, at with any questions and stay tuned for more information on how to apply.