Faculty Diversity Internship Program: STEM


The Faculty Diversity Internship Program trains and prepares interns, interested in teaching at a community college, for future faculty employment opportunities. The intent of the program is to increase the pool of potential candidates that reflect the diversity of our student population in the local community, greater South Central Coast area, and internationally. The program offers professional development workshops on various instructional related topics and classroom training under the guidance of a mentor in a specific discipline.

Faculty Diversity Internship Program


  • Orientation:
    • Who does California Community College Serve?
    • Basics of a typical college classroom
    • Importance of building community with students
  • Building Foundations
    • What best college teachers do?
    • The Golden Circle
  • What is your Teaching Philosophy
    • Role of faculty at a community college
    • Core practices
    • Equity gaps at community colleges, and in STEM
  • Sociocultural Aspects of Student Success
    • Intersectionality and Needs
    • Bridging Student Resources
  • Assessments
  • Content Delivery
    • Implicit Bias and microaggressions
    • Liquid Syllabus