Welcome to Peer Online Course Review at Ventura College!

 The POCR process allows faculty to align their online courses with the highest standards of course design - the CVC Course Design Rubric. Specially trained Ventura College faculty peers will provide support, resources, a full review using the CVC Course Design Rubric and Peralta Equity Rubric, and individualized feedback to ensure your online course receives a  Quality Badge with priority status on the California Virtual Campus exchange. 

Why Align?  

Aligning your course to the CVC Rubric translates to improved student success; Quality-Badged courses produce student success rates 4.9% rates higher than the statewide average for online courses! The CVC Rubric covers best practices in content presentation, student and instructor interaction, assessments, and accessibility, plus our local review will provide guidance and feedback on equity practices -- all proven course design features that support students’ success in your courses.  

Aligning my course to the CVC-OEI rubric was an eye-opening and transformative process. It helped me not only gain a better (and much-needed) understanding of the student experience but also greatly increased my appreciation for online teaching. From the student side, I continually get comments on how clear and helpful the course material is, and that’s what it’s all about.

Asher Sund
English Faculty

About VC Local POCR