2023 - 2024 Travel Fund Pool:

Virtual and In-Person


Conference Request Steps 

Travel Pool requests will be indicated in your Chrome River travel request. Chrome River is the application in which all employee travel requests must be requested.

  • Fill out Pre- Approval Request in your Chrome River Account before travel and before any spending on travel (in Work Life tab on your portal).
  • Indicate in Chrome River comments you are asking for Travel Pool Funds.
  • In Chrome River, please indicate the dates from submission to completion of activity (not just dates of conference).
  • In the Allocations- choose Academic Senate FOAP.
  • Complete Fund Approval Form and send to Gigi Fiumerodo at mtfiumerodo@vcccd.edu. Once returned with amount awarded, attach form to your Chrome River Request in the portal app. 
  • If attending Virtual Conference, Pre-approval is not necessary, select “Expense” report.

Conference Request Tips

Travel Fund Pool 

2023 - 2024

Summer/Fall Travel Dates***

Request Deadline***

July 1, 2023 - Jan. 20, 2024 Sept. 15, 2023

*** Travel Fund Pool follows 2023 - 2024 District Academic Fiscal Year Calendar Deadlines

Summer / Fall 2023 - Travel Fund Pool

Spring 2024 - Information Coming Soon

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