FLEX Days 

2022 - 2023


Ventura College is happy to bring Professional Development opportunities to staff, faculty, and administration to help develop new skills and stay up to date on current trends that are always evolving within our campus community. Upcoming event information can be found in the VC CANVAS Classified Professional Development Corner, SharePoint, and the Master Calendar. For On-Going PD specific information, please email contact person listed.  


Fall 2022

August 10th FLEX Day
August 11th All College Day
September 13th FLEX Day
October 26th FLEX Day

Spring 2023

January 5th FLEX Day
March 1st FLEX Day
March 30th FLEX Day



D.E. Summit April 26, 2022

Innovations Born from the Pandemic

View Recording Here


The Distance Education Summit 2022 is being hosted by Ventura College.  The format is HyFLEX which means that you will participate in online and on campus activities.  Our presenters are local and remote also. It is advised that you bring your own laptop computer or portable device if you are attending in a viewing room at VC so that you can connect to the internet when necessary.  BYOD 

8:30am – 8:55am

Pre-Conference Online  

Morning Coffee House  
“In Space for Teaching with Proximity" 
(Garner / ASC 150)

(Online and In Person / On-Campus with HyFlex) 
*Audio warning 

9:00am – 9:50am Keynote 

Maritez Apigo (Keynote)  

“Beyond Lectures: Engaging Students in Zoom” 
(Apigo / ASC 150) 
(remote on screen viewing) 
*Audio warning 

10:00am – 10:50am Guest Speaker 

Sean Davis (Guest Speaker)  
“Lessons Learned from Teaching Hyflex” 
(Davis / ASC 150) 
(remote on screen viewing) 
*Audio warning 

11:00am – 11:50am  
Break Out Sessions 

Session 1:  
“The Library and Canvas: Opportunities to Improve Student Research and Information Competency”  
(Casey and Kennedy / ASC 150)  
(On-Campus with HyFlex) 

Session 2:  
“Engaging Students With Canvas Studio”   

(Najarian / ASC 140)  
(On-Campus with HyFlex) 

Session 3:  
“Will you be able to escape?”  
ASC 130  
(On-Campus with HyFlex) 

12:00pm – 12:25pm Lunch  

Lunch and Lawn Games (Available from 12:00 – 3:30) 

12:30pm – 1:20pm



Preparing for Fall 2022 Accreditation Course Reviews: Guidelines and Tips for Deploying Accreditation-Ready Online Classes ASC 150

Jennifer "Jen" Kalfsbeek-Goetz, VP Ventura College
with panelist, Araceli Trujillo, Scott Wolf, Ruth Bennington, Rolland Petrello, Michelle Beard
On-Campus with HyFlex

*Audio warning 

1:30pm – 2:20pm  

Break Out Sessions 

Session 1:  

"Instructor Videos: Level up your game"

(Trujillo and Phelps / VC Training Studio)  
(On-Campus with HyFlex) 

Session 2:  

“Using Padlet in the classroom”  
(On Campus with HyFlex)  
(Algiers / ASC 150) 

Session 3:  

“Rock Your Online Course with My Top 20 Canvas Tips” 

(Douglass / ASC 130) 

(On Campus with HyFlex) 

2:30pm – 3:30pm

Student Panel  



Student Panel  

Eric Martinsen, Kammy Algiers, Colleen Coffey,  
Preston Pipal / ASC 150 

*Audio warning 

3:30pm – 3:45pm  

Closing Ceremony
Debbie Newcomb / ASC 150

*Audio warning 

*Audio warning: In the large viewing rooms (such as ASC 150) please do not connect your microphone when logging into Zoom.  You will experience feedback.  


 Spring FLEX January 6th and 7th, 2022

Spring Flex 2022 taking place on January 6th and 7th

Please visit the Professional Development Coordination Council SharePoint for more information here.