First-Semester Course Planning Session (FCS)

A new student at Ventura College is a student who has not completed college courses at another college or university. All new students to Ventura College must attend a First-Semester Course Planning Session (FCS) to receive recommendations for courses during their first semester at VC.

To sign up for a First-Semester Course Planning Session (FCS), students must:

  • Have an application on file for the term for which they wish to enroll
  • Set up their student portal (MyVCCCD)
  • Submit a copy of High School transcripts to VC Admissions and Records or Assessment office
  • Received placement for English and Mathematics from the Assessment Office.
  • Complete the online orientation through their student portal
  • Review the list of First-Semester Course Planning Sessions and select one based on theme. This theme should align with what you are planning to study at VC.

Students that have completed these steps should call the Counseling Office at (805) 289-6448 to sign up for a session.

Already Attended an FCS? 

Visit These Follow-up Video Guides

If you have already attended a First-Semester Course Planning Session (FCS). It would be helpful for you to re-visit these videos prior to registering for your classes.

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