Peer Online Course Review

 Peer Online Course Review at Ventura College!


 The POCR process allows faculty to align their online courses with the highest standards of course design - the CVC Course Design Rubric. Specially trained Ventura College faculty peers will provide support, resources, a full review using the CVC Course Design Rubric and Peralta Equity Rubric, and individualized feedback to ensure your online course receives a Quality Badge with priority status on the California Virtual Campus exchange.

Aligning my course to the CVC-OEI rubric was an eye-opening and transformative process. It helped me not only gain a better (and much-needed) understanding of the student experience but also greatly increased my appreciation for online teaching. From the student side, I continually get comments on how clear and helpful the course material is, and that’s what it’s all about.

Asher Sund

English Faculty