Program Review 2014-2015

This year the college has chosen to break down Program Review into two steps in order to reduce the workload necessary to complete this task.

  1. Fall 2014 - Staffing Initiatives (also known as Staffing Priorities)
  2. Spring 2015 - Non-Staffing Initiatives (also known as Non-Staffing Priorities)

Below are all the information and supporting documents needed to complete these two tasks:

Staffing Initiatives - Fall 2014

Non-Staffing Initiatives - Spring 2015

Data for 2014 - 2015 Program Review

Data for 2014 - 2015 Program Review College Budget Equipment Inventory Budget Programs College Productivity by Year Term Demographics by Year Subject Course Demographics by  Subject Course Equipment Inventory Program Completion by Subject Ethnicity Program Completion by Subject Room Utilization by Room Term Section Productivity by Course Last Year Section Productivity by Course Prior Years Success by Course Age Group Success by Ethnicity Year Success by Ethnicity Subject Success by Gender Course Success by Subject FY Course 4 Years Success by Ethnicity Subject Cou

Program Review - Budget and Initiatives

Instructional Areas

Program Review - Service Areas

  • Admissions & Records

  • Career Center

  • Child Development Center

  • College Services

  • College Technology Services (CTS)

  • Distance Education

  • Educational Assistance Center (EAC)

  • Executive Vice President Office

  • Financial Aid

  • International Students (see Admissions & Records)

  • Learning Center

  • Off-Campus Programs

  • Professional Development

  • Student Activities/ Student Government

  • Student Health Center

  • Testing Center

  • Transfer Center

  • Tutoring/Supplemental Instructions/RWC

  • Welcome Center(see Admissions & Records)