Ventura College Program Review

Program Review is conducted every year by instructional programs, service units, and divisions at Ventura College.  It is a self-evaluation process that includes the following:

  • Analysis of data on key metrics
  • Development of long-term plans and objectives
  • Requests for resources needed to meet objectives
  • Ongoing evaluation of progress made towards objectives

Programs complete a comprehensive review and program plan every five years, in which they analyze data and set objectives. In each intervening year, programs assess progress made towards their 5-year objectives, and request additional resources.

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Why have a Program Review?

Program review is an opportunity for faculty and staff to reflect on the successes and challenges of their program, develop a future direction for the program, and consider how they can improve their program to enhance student learning and success.  In addition, program review provides a vital link between student learning in our classrooms and service areas, and the allocation of resources through the college planning and budgeting process.

Integrating Program Review into Planning and Budget Decisions

Resource requests can only be made through the program review process if they are needed to meet 5-year program objectives. Because the college does not have the budget to fund every resource request, requests are ranked/prioritized through an extensive and inclusive process. Requests are first prioritized at the program level, then by VP areas, and then shared governance committees. Upon completion of this process, the College President and Executive Team consider the recommendations and rankings, and develop a final ranked list of requests. The requests are then funded in rank order until the available budget is exhausted.