Are you ready to take an Online Course?

To find out if you have the computer expertise and study skills necessary to succeed with online learning, take the Online Learning Readiness Assessment below. Upon submission, you will be provided with feedback. The following twenty questions will help you determine if you are ready for online learning. It will also help you prepare your mind for online learning.

1. My reason for taking an online course is because:


My career and life circumstances prevent me from attending traditional classes.

  I think an online course will be easier than a traditional course.

I am curious about online courses.


2. How often can you log into your online course?




As often as required.


Once or twice a week.


3. How much time will you spend studying and interacting with your online course?


As much time as it takes to complete the course.


The same amount of time as a traditional class.


Less time than a traditional class, because it will be easier.



How do you rate traditional classroom discussions with an instructor and other students?


I can communicate effectively through email, discussion boards, and chat rooms.


It is an important and essential aspect of my educational experience.


I am shy and do not communicate effectively with my instructor and other students.



When the instructor hands out directions for an assignment ...


I can read and understand directions.


I need to hear the directions in order to understand my responsibilities.


I need help to understand the directions.



I understand information when it is presented:


in a visual and auditory format. (text, pictures, diagrams, video, lecture, tapes, sound)


in a lecture format.


I will need help with understanding information in an online course(s).



Are you motivated to meet deadlines?


I always get my work done on time


I am a procrastinator and I need to be reminded and guided to meet my deadlines.


I always turn in my work late.



If you are a student with a disability, do you know whom to contact for an accommodation?









If you did not understand an assignment or the instructions in your online course, whom would you contact?


The instructor


Another student in the class or a friend





Are you comfortable working on computers?


I am very computer literate.


I would like to learn more about computers.


I don't like computers, but will use one if I have to.



Are you comfortable with file management: saving, deleting, and moving files on your computer?


Yes. I am computer literate.


I would like to learn about file management.


No. I can never find my files after I save them.



Do you know how to use standard word processing software such as Microsoft Word?


Yes, I use word processing software all the time.


I have used a word processor a few times. I would like help.


No. I have never used a word processor.



Are you comfortable using an Internet browser?


Yes, I browse the web all the time.


No. I would like help.


What is the Internet browser?



Are you comfortable using email?


Yes, I have my own email account.


I do not have an email account. I would like to learn about email.


I don't like email.



Are you comfortable using a mouse?




No. I always click the wrong thing.


A mouse?



My keyboarding skills are:


Very strong


Okay. I am getting better.


I can't type.



What will you do if your computer breaks down, or the Internet connection fails?


I will use a computer at a friends or the library.


I will try to fix it.


I will ask the instructor for extensions on all my assignments.



What is the current speed of your Internet connection?


Cable or DSL


Dial up





Do you feel comfortable downloading and installing software programs?


I feel comfortable. I have done this many times.


I will ask for help.


I will not and/or cannot download and install any software on my computer.


Adapted and used with the permission of SDCC