LRC Training Studio

LRC Training Studio Reservation System

The Learning Resources Center (LRC) Training Studio is available to all employees.  If you are a teacher and/or a trainer, there are many uses for you to increase regular and substantive interaction such as 

  • Creating videos,  

  • Recording podcasts, 

  • Broadcasting from mobile devices,  

  • Capturing whiteboard lessons,  

  • Providing professional development, and 

  • Teaching Hy-Flex sessions.   

Book a LRC Studio Teaching or Training Session

(Currently, you can only reserve the LRC Training Studio for up to 2 unique classes per semester.  Professional Development is a priority.) 

What is in the LRC Training Studio?

The LRC Studio now houses a new Epson digital projector, a new Epson interactive board, two Logitech wall-mounted cameras, a Green Screen, a Sennheiser Microphone Tile, Crestron workstation, advanced audio acoustics, and more.  There is also peripheral equipment that can be used such as iPads, laptops, special lighting, a gooseneck recording stand, Yeti podcasting microphones, and more.  The room capacity is roughly for 30 students maximum.  

Previous Projects

Faculty and Staff have used the room for screen recordings, zoom meetings, video recordings, podcasts, video casts, experimental classes, and more.  If you are a creative person, you will most likely think of unique ways to use the space also.  Many of you have had a chance to see a demo of it in a professional development, but if not we hope this video can give you a glimpse into what it can do for you.  Please reach out to one of our Instructional Technologist / Designers for more information or book a time to view the studio.  

Overview of Studio