As we are transitioning from D2L to Canvas, introducing new products via the OEI, and evolving as digital instructors we decided to have a page dedicated to approved resources.  Sharon and I are currently creating lists of great products, web sites, tutorials, videos, and more to help you in achieving the goals established by the school, the DE advisory group, your departments, and other entities at Ventura College. We hope this becomes a great resource for you.  Please check back frequently.

Supplemental Resources:

Please follow the links provided and/or contact the Instructional Technology Office with questions.

Canvas Resources

Closed Captioning

Screen Captures, Lesson Capture, Video Recordings

Web Conferencing Tools

Open Educational Resources

California Community College Resources

Learning Resources Center Studio Tools

  • iPads for Humanizing Online Education
  • Smartboard for Recording and Lecture Capture
  • Experimental Class Lessons in EDTEC
  • Access to Camtasia for more advanced recordings