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What is a Resume?

A resume is a concise, typically 1-page, method of introducing yourself to a potential employer. The goal of a resume is to help you land an interview by demonstrating the match between your skills and the prospective employer’s needs.

Review the Resume Guide samples and guidelines.

A Well-Crafted Resume:

•Emphasizes Relevant Education, Skills & Experience
•Is Tailored to the Job Description You are Applying to & Optimized for Applicant Tracking Systems
•Translates Experience and Training into Tangible Skills & Accomplishments
•Typically is a One-page, Well-structured Document, Written with Brief Action Phrases

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO- 'Resume Writing Do's & Don'ts'


What is a Cover Letter?

Each resume that you submit for a job opportunity should be accompanied by a cover letter, unless otherwise directed. A cover letter is your personalized sales pitch or introduction to an employer and should:

•Explain Why You are Sending the Resume
•Specify How You Heard about the Position
•Convince the Reader to Look at your Resume
•Reflect your Attitude & Personal Attributes
•Link your Skills & Experience to the Requirements of the Position

Review the Cover Letter Guide for samples and guidelines.