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Staff, Faculty & Career Development Services (CDS) share a mutual goal: Student Success. Staff and faculty provide students with the services, knowledge and education they need to forge onto their career path upon completing their journey at Ventura College; CDS provides guidance for students as they navigate their career journey, leading to their career destination. By working together, we can ensure the transition from student to a member of the workforce is a seamless as possible.  Below is information on how you can help promote Career Workshops, Events & Services to your students. 

Building a Culture of Career


Building a culture of career is a campus-wide effort - a holistic practice of support, education and service to our community of students. While career development is a centralized model of practice, the mindset and goal at Ventura College is embedded in all we do to support student success and persistence.


Register on Handshake

The first step to any engagement is encouraging students to register on our on-line JOB BOARD, Handshake! Handshake offers undergraduate students a personalized, user-friendly interface to find skill specific jobs and internships, schedule appointments with undergraduate career educators or graduate career advisors, register for professional development events, career fairs and employer events. Learn more at https://www.venturacollege.edu/make-connections-handshake

Faculty Welcome to Join Handshake! If you would like to know what the Job Board looks like for our students, you can create a “student” account that will enable you to see exactly what students access when they log in. Join today!


Embed Career-Related Assignments into the Curriculum

Most students are ultimately preparing for their next step after Ventura College, whether that is a full-time job or continuing their education. While the Career Center team serves many students each year, embedding a career-related class assignment helps to ensure that all students are exposed to career development information.

The Career Center has created many courses for several career topics that can be assigned to students for completion or added to your Canvas course site.  You can also partner with the Career Center on any of the assignments below,  offering extra credit to your students for attending an event or workshop.


Write a reflection paper on their experience of one of the following assignments:

  1. Writing Resume Assignment (Assignment Resource: Resume Rubric)
  2. LinkedIn Profile Assignment (Assignment Resources: LinkedIn Profile and Checklist)
  3. Informational Interviewing Assignment 
  4. Online Job Search Site Analysis Assignment
  5. Behavioral Interviewing Preparation Assignment (Assignment Resource: PARK and Common Questions)
  6. Skills Assessment Exercise (Assignment Resources: Job Analysis, Transferrable Skills and Inventory)
  7. Career Fair Assignment (Assignment Resources: Myths, Employer List, Dress for Success, Virtual Fair)


Classroom Presentations

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Our Career Services Staff is eager to visit your class(es) to discuss career development topics. Learn more about our PRESENTATION OPTIONS. We look forward to working with you!


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Classroom Resources