Resume Information

  • ResumeWebsite
  • The goal of is to provide you with the best resources that the internet has to offer in order to make your job search as successful as possible.  The most valuable resource that you will find on the website is the step-by-step guide that shows you how to create your own resume website from scratch to completion in less than 30 minutes. 
  • Tips for Electronic Resumes
  • A section of JobTrak devoted to resumes, in particular E-Resumes, but also information about cover letters, key resume phrases, resume checklist, and tips on designing a resume. Access to many other services offered by JobTrak services, too.
  • Resume, Cover Letters and More!
  • Useful site full of tips about resumes, cover letters, the job search process. Includes links to job boards.
  • What's the Right Resume for Me?
  • Full of information about different types of resumes, such as chronological, functional, electronic, and curriculum vitae. Templates and examples and advice.