Degrees and Classes

Associate Degrees at East Campus

Beginning August 2019, Ventura College will offer two associate degrees, whereby, students may complete required coursework entirely at the East Campus: 

  1. Associate in Arts in Arts and Humanities
  2. Associate in Arts in Social and Behavioral Sciences

What is an Associate in Arts Degree in Arts and Humanities or Social and Behavioral Sciences?

An Associate Degree in Arts and Humanities, and an Associate Degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences, are multidisciplinary, general areas of study, which provide students the flexibility to specialize and concentrate in specific areas of interest.  Successful completion of appropriate coursework will provide students a well-rounded education, enable students to seek entry-level employment in a variety of settings, and provide a solid foundation for those who wish to further their education. Associate Degrees in Arts and Humanities or Social and Behavioral Science afford students a liberal education background in preparation for careers in, but not limited to, fields of art and history; advertising and communication; education and teaching; government services; commerce or industry; and social, community, and human services; among others. Academic Counselors are available to assist students and members of the community with career and educational planning.

Ventura College East Campus Schedule of Classes

To view the most up to date schedule of classes for the East Campus, please click on the link below: