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 Which Math course should I take? (Mathematics Self Placement)


Program Purpose: Students who successfully complete Mathematics courses will be able to solve mathematical problems, demonstrate mathematical reasoning skills, analyze theoretical concepts, and transition between the abstract and the concrete in mathematical analysis.

Program Description: The mathematics program provides strong emphasis on fundamental concepts and problem solving skills useful in a myriad of career paths. The study of both pure mathematics and applied mathematics provide skills useful in Actuarial Science, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Digital Arts, Earth Sciences, Economics, Education, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Physics, Research, and the Social Sciences.

The Mathematics program provides courses that meet prerequisites in other disciplines, that meet competency for an A.A degree, and that provide courses to support general education and transfer requirements. The Math program also strives to provide remediation to students who desire to improve their basic skills, and provide avenues to develop critical thinking skills that can be useful in the workforce.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -- Lao-tzu



Department Chair: Topher Frederick