The Ventura College Learning Communities Committee is a subcommittee of the Academic Senate charged with providing guidance, encouragement, advocacy and oversight for the creation and sustainability of interdisciplinary learning communities at Ventura College.

As stated in the committee’s charge as found within the Ventura College Academic Senate By-Laws, the Learning Communities Committee's main focus is to develop mechanisms that allow for the creation and sustainability of learning communities across the disciplines at Ventura College.  The committee shall make an annual call for proposals for faculty who want to create learning communities.  The committee shall work with the office of the Chief Instructional Officer to create mechanisms that allow for learning communities to be created in the class schedule.


Bob Porter, Chair

Kevin Bortolin

Jenna Garcia

Bill Hendricks

Ticey Hosley

Eric Martinsen

Lauri Moore

Ron Mules

Kathryn Schoenrock

Peter H. Sezzi


The Learning Communities Committee meets in LRC-114 on the third Tuesday of each month from 4:00-5:00 pm.

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