Senate Faculty Membership

Meeting Time: 1st and 3rd Thursday 3:30 - 5  
Location: MCW 312

Exec Team: Lydia Morales, Philip Clinton, Colleen Coffey, Stephanie Branca

Curriculum rep: Michael Bowen

Behavioral & Soc. Sci, Visual Arts (2 reps): Bill Hendricks, Andrea Horigan (on sabbatical)

English & Math and Learning Resources (4 reps): Jaclyn Walker, Chris Frederick, Gabe Arquilevich, Donna Beatty

Career Education I: Roxanne Forde

Career Education II: Laura Woyach, Deanna Hall

Sciences (3 reps): Erin Brocker, Cari Lange, Kammy Algiers

Student Services (4 reps): Paula Munoz, Yia Vang, Gema Espinoza Sanchez,

Health, Kinesiology, Athletics, and Performing Arts (2 reps): Brent Wilson, Mary McDonough

One self-nominated at-large part-time faculty representative