Senate Goals 2020-2021


Goal 1: Update Academic Senate Constitution and Bylaws including but not limited to: clarifying voting committee issue in the Senate Constitution.

Goal 2: Work collaboratively and with respect for each other’s opinions. Implement practices at Academic Senate Council meetings that foster rich, inclusive dialogue among senators.

Goal 3: Practice and promote equity, diversity, inclusiveness and antiracist practices in Academic Senate Council meetings and throughout the campus. Consider resolutions related to racial justice.

Goal 4: Professional development will focus inward on campus culture change through equity-centered professional development. Equity-focused coaching, workshops, institutes, and speaker series will be included as hands-on initiatives that will continually foster practitioner change.

Goal 5: Create a new faculty hiring prioritization process.

Goal 6: Ensure transparency in all things including but not limited to: budgets, evaluations, communications, and committees.

Goal 7: Distribute the local Academic Senate handbook to all faculty and keep the Senate website updated to ensure information is easy to find. Promote 10+1 on campus including but not limited to: hiring committees (increase diversity), tenure review committee makeup, budget, and curriculum considerations (added to program review process).

Goal 8: Work collaboratively with AFT on issues where our missions overlap including but not limited to: lab pay equity, DE evaluations, and class caps. Increase frequency and/or prioritization of formal updates from AFT to Academic Senate, and from Academic Senate to AFT.

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