Mission Statement and Student Learning Outcomes

Mission: Empower and motivate first-year Ventura College students to discover a major and career path through a developmental approach and in alignment with California Community College, Student Success and Support Services Program (3SP/SSSP) guidelines, which include:

  • FYE Admissions outreach and recruitment
  • FYE English and math assessment prep academy
  • FYE Extended orientation
  • FYE Abbreviated and comprehensive educational planning
  • FYE Student follow-up services


1. FYE students will acquire knowledge and develop skills that will allow them to connect with academic and student support services.

Successful students should:

  • identify and name two college resources available to assist them in achieving their academic goals.
  • articulate how these resources can contribute to achieving these goals.
  • identify counselors and faculty on campus.
  • demonstrate knowledge of learning opportunities outside of the classroom by participating in one or more student activity or program on campus.

2. FYE students will demonstrate competence in academic and career selection.

Successful students should:

  • identify occupations compatible with their personality, ability and interests.
  • select a program of study that supports their academic and career goals.
  • demonstrate the ability to identify the core academic requirements for their chosen program of study.

3. FYE students will demonstrate increased motivation, persistence, and enhanced academic performance leading to the completion of educational goals.

Successful students should:

  • persist into their second year of college.
  • improve their ability to engage in on and off campus activities.
  • participate in at least one constructive experience with a faculty member outside of class.