How to Join the FYE Program 

Students interested in joining the FYE Program should follow the steps outlined in the graphic below. If you have any questions about the steps, please contact the FYE office at (805) 289-6438 or




fye vip benefits
  • Priority Registration
  • Counseling Courses
  • Educational Counseling & Planning
  • Career Counseling
  • Connect with your Peers
  • Enrollment Assistance
  • Transfer Guidance
  • Academic Success Workshops
  • Orientation for Students & Parents
  • Social Gatherings


Required Courses

Don’t forget!

You must register for one of the following courses.

  • COUN V01 - College Success ( 3 units )
  • COUN V02 - Career Exploration & Life Planning ( 3 units )
  • COUN V03 - College Orientation ( 1 unit )
  • EAC V01 - College & Life Strategies ( 3 units )
  • EAGR V01 - Introduction to Engineering ( 3 units )

All FYE students are required to take one of the following courses.

    COUN V01: College Success

    • Identify and learn how to utilize campus resources
    • Develop the skills necessary to make academic and personal decisions
    • Formulate a comprehensive education plan to map your goals at Ventura College!

    COUN V02: Career Exploration & Life Planning

    • Explore: Who am I? What do I want? and How do I get it!
    • Learn how to make informed decisions about your short and long term goals
    • Create a comprehensive career and education plan to chart your path to success!

    COUN V03: College Orientation

    • Learn how to navigate the Ventura College catalog
    • Clarify degree and transfer requirements
    • Gain an understanding of available student support services and how they can help you achieve success!

    ENGR V01: Introduction to Engineering

    • Explore the rewards and opportunities of the engineering profession
    • Identify how to achieve success in engineering study
    • Create a comprehensive Educational plan to map your path to transfer

    EAC V01: College & Life Strategies

    • Learning styles and preferences
    • Self-Advocacy Skills
    • Memory Techniques
    • Time Management Skills
    • Multiculturalism
    • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Relationships
    • Health and Nutrition
    • Note Taking Skills
    1. FYE First Year Experience