FYE Students

FYE Courses

Students interested in participating in the First-Year Experience (FYE) program are recommended to take any one of the following courses during their first semester at Ventura College:


COUN V01 - College Success

This course helps students evaluate the social, psychological and physiological factors that influence developing essential life management skills. The course encourages self-exploration of personal responsibility, self-motivation, health and well-being, self-awareness, interdependence, self-management, lifelong learning, as well as learning different resources on campus. Students will explore the history and philosophy of higher education in the U.S education systems and will learn to create a student education plan. Includes an introduction to financial, time and stress management, and communication skills.

COUN V02 - Career Exploration & Life Planning*

This course is designed to help students demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for the impact and significance of career choices on their 1)social, 2)psychological, and 3)physiological experiences through the life span. This course is also structured to help students identify their interests, skills, values and personality traits, conduct career research and exploration, and learn current job seeking skills. Students will analyze the relationship between themselves, their life choices and the ongoing process of career planning and self-development throughout the life span.

COUN V03 - College Orientation

This course is designed to provide new students a comprehensive orientation to facilities, programs, services, college policies and faculty at Ventura College. Students will experience a tour of the campus facilities, receive financial aid information, learn about graduation and transfer requirements, acquaint themselves with the college assessment process, counseling and transfer services.

EAC V01 - Strategies for Success in College & Life

This course introduces students to strategies for success in education, career, and life goals. Students will develop their own success plans through self-evaluation, and by learning and applying specific techniques and resources for life-long learning. Topics include self-advocacy, learning profiles, study/life skills, relationships/communication, multiculturalism/diversity, and college and career options. Emphasis will be placed on developing independent critical thinking skills while providing opportunity for construction and implementation of plans for success. Instruction is designed to meet the educational needs of students with or without disabilities.

ENGR V01 - Introduction to Engineering

The course explores the branches of engineering, the functions of an engineer, and the industries in which engineers work. Explains the engineering education pathways and explores effective strategies for students to reach their full academic potential. Presents an introduction to the methods and tools of engineering problem solving and design including the interface of the engineer with society and engineering ethics. Develops communication skills pertinent to the engineering profession.


*Students may have taken this course while in high school. If you believe you have taken this course, please contact the FYE Office at (805) 289-6438 or vcfye@vcccd.edu.