Financial Aid Staff

Name Position
Annette Hernandez Financial Aid Specialist, Homeless Youth Liaison - Caseload Based On Last Name A to CE
Danielle Rodriguez Financial Aid Specialist, Foster Youth Liaison
Eva Martin Financial Aid Specialist (Bilingual) - Caseload Based On Last Name CF to GE
Paulina Salazar Perez Financial Aid Specialist, Dreamer/Undocumented Student Liaison - Caseload Based On Last Name GF to LL
Shasta Hanson Financial Aid Specialist, Veterans Liaison - Caseload Based On Last Name LM to Or
Wendolyne Lopez Financial Aid Specialist (Bilingual), Dreamer/Undocumented Student Liaison and VCEC Representative - Caseload Based On Last Name OS to SA
Yesika Hernandez Financial Aid Specialist - Caseload Based On Last Name SB to Z
Janette Christian Financial Aid Technician -General Financial Aid Information 
John Ruff Basic Needs Specialist
Ann Nelson Administrative Assistant
Alma Rodriguez Financial Aid Officer 

If you need to contact any of the individuals listed above or for general financial aid questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 805-289-6369 or by email at

For information related to office hours, closures, VC Santa Paula Site visits, etc. - please visit the Office Information page.