Program of Study

Declaring a College Program and Goal

To receive federal financial aid at Ventura College, students must be enrolled in an eligible program of study and goal offered by Ventura College.  Undecided/undeclared is not an eligible program of study.  In addition, Proficiency Awards and some Certificate of Achievement programs are also not eligible for financial aid.

The following programs are eligible for federal financial aid funding:

Associate Degree Programs Certificate of Achievement Programs
Accounting Accounting
Administration of Justice for Transfer Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant Architectural Design
Agriculture Business for Transfer Architectural Science
Anthropology for Transfer Automotive Technology
Architectural Design Biological Sciences
Architectural Science Biological Sciences: Biotechnology Option
Art History for Transfer Biological Sciences: Plant Biotechnology Option
Automotive Technology Bookkeeping
Bilingual/Cross-Cultural Studies Business Management
Biological Sciences Ceramics
Biological Sciences: Biotechnology Option Child Development
Biological Sciences: Plant Option Construction Technology: Building Inspection
Biology for Transfer Construction Technology: Construction Management
Bookkeeping Criminal Justice
Business Administration for Transfer   Diesel Engine Repair
Business Management Drafting Technology: Industrial Design
Ceramics Emergency Medical Services: Paramedic Studies*
Child Development Engineering
Communication Studies for Transfer  Engineering: Physical Science
Construction Technology: Building Inspection Fine Art
Construction Technology: Construction Management Human Services
Criminal Justice Medical Assistant - Administrative
Diesel Mechanics Medical Assistant - Multi-Skilled
Drafting Technology: Industrial Design Medium and Heavy Duty Vehicle Repair
Early Childhood Education for Transfer   Music
Economics for Transfer Photography
Elementary Teacher Education for Transfer Social Media Marketing
Emergency Medical Services: Paramedic Studies* Supervision
Engineering Water Science: Wastewater Option
Engineering: Physical Science Water Science: Water Option
English for Transfer Welding
Fine Art  
General Studies: Arts and Humanities PI  
General Studies: Arts and Humanities PII  
General Studies: Arts and Humanities PIII  
General Studies: Holistic Studies PI  
General Studies: Liberal Studies PII  
General Studies: Liberal Studies PIII  
General Studies: Natural Sciences PI  
General Studies: Natural Sciences or Math PII  
General Studies: Natural Sciences or Math PIII  
General Studies: Social and Behavioral PI  
General Studies: Social and Behavioral PII  
General Studies: Social and Behavioral PIII  
Geography for Transfer  
Geology for Transfer  
Global and International Studies  
History for Transfer  
Human Services
Kinesiology for Transfer  
Mathematics for Transfer    
Medical Assistant - Administrative  
Medical Assistant - Multi-Skilled  
Music for Transfer  
Nutrition and Dietetics for Transfer  
Philosophy for Transfer  
Political Science for Transfer  
Psychology for Transfer  
Public Health Science for Transfer  
Social Media Marketing  
Sociology for Transfer  
Studio Arts for Transfer  
Theatre Arts for Transfer  
Water Science: Wastewater Option  
Water Science: Water Option  

*Students selecting EMS: Paramedic Studies AS/Certificate or Nursing AS must be admitted into the program and enrolled in PM V01/V02 or NS V10/V20/V30/V40.

NOTICE: Be advised, not all programs offered by Ventura College qualify you for federal financial aid funding. If you are pursuing a program not listed on the Ventura College Program of Study Declaration Form, please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information regarding program eligibility. 

If you have chosen undecided/undeclared or need to change your program of study or goal, please log-on to your MyVCCCD student portal account at: