Eligible Programs of Study

Declaring a College Program and Goal 

To qualify for federal financial aid at Ventura College, students must be actively enrolled in an eligible program of study and goal offered by the institution. It's important to note that "Undecided/Undeclared" is not considered an eligible program of study. Certain programs such as Proficiency Awards and Certificate of Achievement may also be ineligible for financial aid. Therefore, students need to declare a specific program and goal in alignment with Ventura College's eligible offerings to ensure eligibility for federal financial assistance.

Federal financial aid funding at Ventura College applies to a range of eligible programs. These typically include:

It's crucial to note that not all programs offered by Ventura College qualify for federal financial aid funding. If you're uncertain about the eligibility of the program you're pursuing, it's advisable to reach out to the Financial Aid Office for further clarification. They can provide you with detailed information regarding program eligibility and assist you in understanding your options for financial assistance.

If you're currently enrolled in an "undecided/undeclared" status or if you need to change your program of study or goal, you can take action by accessing your MyVCCCD student portal account. Simply log in to your account at http://my.vcccd.edu, where you'll find the necessary tools and resources to update your program of study or goal as needed. This ensures that you're on track with an eligible program that aligns with your educational and career aspirations while maximizing your potential for federal financial aid assistance.