Eligible Programs of Study

Declaring a College Program and Goal 

To receive federal financial aid at Ventura College, students must be enrolled in an eligible program of study and goal offered by Ventura College. 

Undecided/undeclared is not an eligible program of study.  In addition, Proficiency Awards and some Certificate of Achievement programs are also not eligible for financial aid.

The following programs are eligible for federal financial aid funding:

Be advised, not all programs offered by Ventura College qualify you for federal financial aid funding. If you are pursuing a program not listed on the Ventura College Program of Study Declaration Form, please contact the Financial Aid Office for more information regarding program eligibility. 

If you have chosen undecided/undeclared or need to change your program of study or goal, please log-on to your MyVCCCD student portal account at: http://my.vcccd.edu.