Objective 5

VC Objective 5:  Continue to implement the Student Services Re-Engineering Plan (focus of Title V HIS Co-operative Grant).

VC Strategic Goal 3:  Provide students with information and access to diverse and comprehensive support services that lead to their success.

VCCCD Board Goal:  Provide Access and Student Success 

# Action Steps Responsible Party Timeline Progress
5.1 Design, develop and go live with new online orientation Student
Services Team, Project Director, Activity Director
2012 – June 2013
Online orientation script developed.  Go live anticipated May 2013
5.2 Develop an intervention process for students on probation/dismissal Activity Director, Student Services Liaison groups October
2012 – June 2013
In progress.  Completion
anticipated end of Fall 2013
5.3 Integrate early alert process into new portal design Student Services teams, Activity Director, Consultant October 2012 –April 2013 Completed February 2013
5.4 Continue comprehensive data collection and analysis for all project objectives and quantify outcomes Institutional Research, Project Director, Activity Director July 2011- ongoing Ongoing
5.5 Provide comprehensive customer service training for all student workers Welcome Center Staff August 2012- December 2012 Completed December 2012
5.6 Continue to identify and prioritize new online academic support and student services at Ventura and Oxnard Colleges Online Portal Task Force members August 2012-June 2012  Go live date anticipated April 2013
5.7 Plan and execute three student focus groups to provide suggestions to the improved
student portal
Activity Director June 2013 Completed February 2013
5.8 Develop transitional plan for elimination of International Student Specialist Position Dean of Student Services, Registrar October 2012- December 2012 Transition plan completed by end of Spring 2013
5.9 Reassess outreach plan for matriculation counseling at local high schools Institutional
Research, Dean of Student Services, Counseling staff
July 2011 - October 2012 - May 2013 Completed January 2013