Objective Three

VC Strategic Goal 1: Continuously improve educational programs and services to meet student, community, and workforce development needs. 

VC Objective 3: Enhance the viability and relevance of CTE Programs to support the workforce development and economic vitality of the community.

VCCCD Board Goal 2: Instructional Quality

# Action Step Responsible Party Timeline Progress
 3.1 Conduct a comprehensive program review for each CTE Program, including analysis of SLOs, historic Date regarding the issuance of degrees and certificates, and qualitative data from Advisory Committees Assistant CTE Deans, Department Chairs September - October, 2011 Complete October, 2011
 3.2 Obtain both local and statewide approval for new, transfer degrees in Business and in Child Development Assistant CTE Dean, Department Chairs, Curriculum Committee October 2011-June 2012 Local approval Fall, 2011; State approval pending.

April 2012 Update: Revised Business Management Degree and revised Accounting Degree have been approved at state level.

May 2012 Update:  Transfer degrees in Business Administration and in Child Development are in Sacramento, awaiting approval.

 3.3 Participate in RP Group statewide CTE Outcomes Pilot Project with 10 other colleges through California to collect outcome data on individuals who completed degrees, certificates or 10 CTE units over the past year Assistant CTE Deans, Institutional Researcher, RP Group (funded through Perkins Grant) September 2011- June 2012 Contract with RP Group signed by District/Payment in process; Pending research.

April 2012 Update:        RP Group is in second phase of research project, sending out hard-copy surveys.  The online survey portion of the research is complete.

May, 2012 Update: Hard copy surveys have been mailed to test group.

 3.4 Install open-entry, competency-based computerized modules in pre-employment skills training into an existing computer lab for integration into existing CTE courses.  (Potential modules include:  occupation-specific literacy in reading and mathematics, basic electricity theory, time management skills, etc.)  VP for Business Services, Assistant CTE Deans October 2011 - June 2012

April 2012 Update:  New implementation dates necessitated by restructuring of CTE division:  August 2012 - August 2014

 3.5 Provide professional development for CTE instructors to learn how to integrate instruction in leadership skills into any CTE program Assistant CTE Dean, Co-Chair of South Central Regional Consortium October 2011 - January 2012 Complete
 3.6 Enhance the use of CTE advisory committees and other community sources to better ascertain the needs of industry throughout the region Assistant CTE Dean/Department Chairs October 2011 - January 2012 Faculty/Admin attended presentation by Michelle Marquez in December 2011 from Center of Excellence to learn how to access labor market ifor through COE.

April 2012 Update: 10/17/11 Business Advisory Committee meeting. 1/27/2012 Child Development Advisory Committee meeting.

 3.7 Explore certificate and degree CTE programs to ascertain if changes are needed in our curriculum and programs to better prepare our students for current and future employment opportunities. Assistant CTE dean, Department Chairs, Faculty October 2011 - December 2012 Revised Accounting Certificate/Degree.  Approved locally Fall, 2011.  Pending state approval.

April 2012 Update: Complete.  Awaiting state approval for AS in Business Administration for Transfer and AS in Child Development for Transfer.


May 2012 Update:    SCRC is purchasing Burning Glass Technology for all colleges in Region VI, allowing us to collect real-time LMI to better ascertain if training programs are meeting the current needs of the labor market.

 3.8 Explore the development of new curricula and programs associated with the new Applied Science building/laboratory Assistant CTE Deans, Department Chairs, Faculty December 2011 - December 2012 April 2012 Update: Pending
3.9 Enhance partnerships with feeder secondary shcools to strengthen concept of career pathways for incoming freshmen. Assistant CTE Deans August 2011-   June 2012 April 2012 Update: Complete but ongoing.  Three Articulation Agreements, more than a dozen career awareness camps, participation in VUSD's CTE Advisory Committee, lending library for dual enrollment classes at Fillmore High School.