Strategic Plan 2012-2013


Strategic Goal Objective Action
Continuously improve educational programs and services to meet student, community, and workforce development needs Continuously assess Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and Service Unit Outcomes (SUOs) at the institutional, program, and, for instructional areas, course levels Action Plan
Continuously integrate SLOs, SUOs, Student Success Outcomes, Program Operating Outcomes, and meaningful analysis of data into the program review process Action Plan
Enhance the viability and relevance of CTE programs to support the workforce development plan Action Plan
Continuously improve educational programs and services in order to enhance opportunities for all students to succeed Increase the transfer/transfer certified rates and certificate/ proficiency award completion rates for all students and decrease the gap in transfer rates of Hispanic students (focus of new Title V HSI Transfer Grant) Action Plan 
Provide students with information and access to diverse and comprehensive support services that lead to their success Continue to implement the Student Services Re-Engineering Plan (focus of Title V HSI Co-operative Grant) Action Plan
Continuously enhance institutional operations and effectiveness Increase opportunities for faculty and staff to grow by providing training opportunities to improve teaching effectiveness and enhance service for students (focus of Title V HSI Co-operative grant) Action Plan