Embedded Tutoring


What is the goal of Embedded tutoring?

The goal of embedded tutoring is to enhance student learning and academic success by providing timely and targeted assistance in the classroom. Embedded tutoring strives to promote a supportive learning environment that helps bridge the gap between student's understanding and the course requirements.


Who are the Embedded Tutors?

Embedded tutors serve as an additional resource for students inside and outside of the classroom; enhancing student engagement and modeling exceptional study habits. They are experts in their content area, making them able to assist students and reinforce class material. To further enhance student support, embedded tutors hold one-hour tutoring group sessions.


What is the role of an Embedded Tutor?

  • Attend class lectures one to two times per week
  • Hold a one-hour group tutoring session
  • Facilitate small groups during lecture
  • Model expert student behavior
  • Communicate with students through Canvas
  • Build healthy relationships with students

Embedded Tutoring Session Schedule Spring 2024