Getting to Know the University of California


UC Locations
  • 10 campuses
  • Approximately 220,000 students
  • Provides exciting environments that foster world-class educational and research opportunities and generate a wide range of benefits and services that touch the lives of Californians every day
  • Emphasizes research, theory and graduate studies
  • Manages three U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories
  • Five medical centers support the clinical teaching programs of the University's medical and health sciences schools
  • Undergraduate and advanced graduate instruction is offered in sciences, the applied fields, and the professions

UC campuses

UC Majors - find a campus that’s right for you.  

UC TAG Students who meet and maintain stated admission and major requirements are guaranteed admission to one of six University of California (UC) campuses that offer guaranteed admission to California community college students who meet specific requirements. By participating in a Transfer Admission Guarantee  (TAG) program, you can ensure your admission to a specific campus, which offer an early review of your academic record, early admission notification, and specific guidance on major preparation and general education coursework.  The specific guidelines students must follow are listed below at each University's website: 

UC TAG MATRIX   Apply for a UC TAG online by clicking here.  UC TAG filing period is September 1 to 30, students must also file a UC admissions application November 1 to 30

UC Admission planner: This online tool is designed to help prospective UC students transferring from California community colleges track and plan their course work.

UC Transfer Pathways

UC Transfer Requirements

The University of California System​

Transfer Admissions Requirements

Application Filing Period 

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Cost of Attendance

Personal Insight Questions

Transferable Courses (UC)​

Application Requirements 

  • ​​Complete the 7-course pattern by the end of the spring term prior to fall enrollment at UC 
    •  - click here to view VC coursework that will meet these requirements. We recommend to meet with a counselor to develop and update an educational plan. 
  • ​Complete at least 60-semester units of UC-transferable credit
  • Earn at least a 2.4 GPA in UC-transferable courses (2.8 if you are a non-resident). Keep in mind that some majors require a higher GPA for admission selection. 
  • Complete the required/recommended courses needed for your intended​ major with the minimum grades. Visit ASSIST​ to view major preparation coursework expected by each campus. ​

There is a single application for all UC campuses. Click here for the UC ​application and select the term you would like to apply for. Generally, applications for Spring transfer open in July, and applications for Fall transfer open in August. See below for application timelines and resources to assist you with your application.. ​

UC Application Timelines

​​Fall Admissions​

​August 1

  •  Application opens (edit only, not submission) 
  • Schedule an appointment with a transfer counselor for a transfer check. 

September 1st - 30th

  • Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) application is open for submission. Attend a TAG workshop or visit the University Transfer Center for support. 

October 1st

  • FAFSA or California Dream Act applications open. Recommended to file October 1-March 2 to obtain federal and state aid for the following academic year. 
  • Attend a UC info session, live application workshop, and/or personal insight​ questions (PIQ) workshop through the University Transfer Center. 

November 1-30​​th

  • UC application is open for submission. Visit the University Transfer Center for workshops and application review


  • After submitting your fall admissions applications, activate your portal for each school that you applied to. Check portals and email often to track campus deadlines, such as when to submit transcripts, test scores, Statement of Intent to Register (SIR), and more. ​Visit the University Transfer Center for assistance. 


  • Online application for Transfer Academic Updates (TAU) opens for transfer applicants to report final fall grades and in-progress/planned coursework. All students must complete the TAU, even if there were no classes taken in Fall/Spring. The priority ​deadline to complete the TAU is January 31st. 
  • A random sample of students are selected to verify information in their application and notified via email (if you did not receive an email regarding verification, disregard this). Select applicants are asked to verify one item from academic history​, honors and awards, e​xtracurricular activities, vo​lunteer work and community service, special program participation, employment, or information contained in the personal insight responses. The deadline to respond is January 31st. 


  • Notification of fall admissions decisions begin. 
  • Deadline for FAFSA or Dream Act applications on March 2nd. 


  • Deadline for admitted transfer students to submit Statement of Intent to Register (SIR).


  • Final, official transcripts and test scores must be sent to UC campus admissions office. 

​​​ NOTE: Deadlines may vary by campus. Carefully read all correspondence from UC campuses. 

​Winter Admission ​

​July 1-31

  • ​Winter/spring filing period for certain campuses. 
  • Consult with the UC website or University Transfer Center for updates on campuses and majors that are open for Winter admission. 

​​NOTE: Not all UC campuses are open for Winter/Spring applications.