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The Key to Successful Transfer

Articulation is the key to success when you transfer to a baccalaureate institution.  Articulation is the process of developing a formal, written agreement that identifies courses (or sequence of courses) on a "sending" campus that are comparable to, or acceptable in lieu of, specific course requirements at a "receiving" campus.  Articulation agreements are links that allow students transfer from a community college to a university without experiencing a delay or duplication of coursework. Articulated courses at Ventura College (VC) are those that are identified by a receiving university as equivalent or comparable to courses. Completing an articulated course, for a specific major, general education breadth, baccalaureate transfer units, or as a preparation course for an upper-division level course, enables students to satisfy a university admission, to complete lower-division major preparation, and/or to meet graduation requirements. Ventura College has articulation agreements with the University of California (UC), and the California State University (CSU), and regionally accredited private and out of state colleges.

Ventura College Articulation Agreements with the CSU and UC systems are available on Successful transfer planning involves developing a comprehensive student education plan that includes a combination of articulated courses for major preparation, general education, and elective, if necessary. The website is not intended to replace an academic counselor’s advisement.   Therefore, it is highly recommended that you meet with a VC counselor regularly as transfer information and requirements do change. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic counselor to develop a comprehensive student education plan. The Ventura College Counseling Department can be reached at (805) 289-6448 or at VC Counseling Department Student Services Center (SSC Building). continues to undergo significant technical challenges as a result of a technical upgrade to a new ASSIST site.  The ASSIST Resource Center  is the source of updates and news about the status and expected launch date of the new website.  Course articulation agreements and new curriculum effective fall 2017 and after are updating during the transition time.  Individual CSU and UC campus program and curriculum updates are provided on a continuous basis.  You can visit the website at