Out-of-State Student Information

Non-California Residents (excluding International Students)

You are a non-resident if the following is less than a year preceding the first day of term you plan to attend:

  • You have not lived in California one year and one day prior to the start of the semester, even though you are a U.S. citizen or legal immigrant.
  • You have registered and voted in a state other than California.
  • You have petitioned for divorce in a state other than California.
  • You have attended an out-of-state educational institution as a resident of that state.
  • You have declared non-residence for California State income tax purposes.
  • You have been approved for admission as an International Student.
  • You are in the United States on a temporary visa/non-immigrant status.

The burden of proof to clearly demonstrate both physical presence in California and intent to Establish Residence lies with the student. The student is required to present evidence in accordance with the California Education Code 68040. Contact the Admissions & Records Office for additional information regarding residency.

2019-2020 Student College Budget (9 months) for Non-California Residents

Budget Components

With Parents, Without Dependents

All Others

Room & Board



Personal Miscellaneous



Enrollment Fees (Full-Time)



Non-Resident and Capital Outlay Fees (Full-Time)



Books & Supplies



Travel Expenses






Non-California Residents should be aware that:

Ventura College does not have campus housing. The Financial Aid Office is not involved in filling out apartment rental forms, collecting money and/or telling potential students where to live. It is the responsibility of the incoming student and their family to organize housing arrangements for themselves.

The state of California does not offer financial aid for Non-California residents. To help offset any of the costs, students should apply for federal financial aid by completing a FAFSA at www.fafsa.gov.  Maximum Federal Financial Aid can consist of the following depending on the student’s eligibility:

  1. Federal Pell Grant – $636 to $6,195 maximum per year based on eligibility.
  2. Federal Direct Loans – Up to $5,500.00 in Federal Direct Loans for 1st-year students and up to $6,500.00 for 2nd-year students.

Parents of dependent students can apply for a Direct PLUS loan to offset costs not covered by the students own grants and/or loans. The Direct PLUS loan is credit based so not all parents will qualify. For parents who do not qualify their student may be eligible to receive an increased amount of Direct Unsubsidized Loans.

  1. Federal Work Study (FWS) –Work-study funds are limited and awards are based on eligibility and availability of funds. The FASFA must be filled out and approved by the institution before you can be considered for work-study.  Priority is given to continuing work-study students.

Every student who receives financial aid is required to review the Terms and Conditions of their financial aid on their MyVCCCD portal.  Students who accept the Terms and Conditions acknowledge that any financial aid that is to be disbursed to them (Federal Pell Grant, FSEOG, Subsidized/ Unsubsidized Students Loans) will be applied directly to any outstanding fees on their account.  After a student’s balance has been paid, any remaining financial aid will then be disbursed to the student via the BankMobile refund process.  As a result, all students especially those with high costs should plan their finances and budget accordingly to support themselves through the start of each term without the help of financial aid.    

Financial Aid Disbursement:

Example 1:

Trevor is an out-of-state student who has enrolled in 12 units at Ventura College for the fall semester. Trevor’s current fees are:

Enrollment Fee- $552 ($46 per unit)
Out-of-State tuition- $2,964 ($247 per unit)
Non-California Resident Capital Outlay Fee- $240 ($20 per unit)
Health Fee- $21
Student Center Fee- $10
Student Representation Fee- $1
Total for Semester- $3,788

Trevor was awarded a Federal Pell Grant of $2,888 for the fall semester. Based on financial aid attending hours, all 12 units of Steve’s enrollment start on August 19. Therefore:

Trevor’s first disbursement is $1,444.

            Outstanding Balance                        $3,788

            Anticipated Financial Aid                  (1,444)

            Remaining Balance                          $2,344

Trevor’s second disbursement is $1,444.

            Outstanding Balance                        $2,344

            Anticipated Financial Aid                  (1,444)

            Remaining Balance                            $900

Based on the example, Trevor will still owes $900.00. He is not entitled to a refund because of this remaining balance. If this balance is not paid, a hold will be placed on Trevor's VCCCD account preventing him from registering for future semesters. Trevor may also choose to apply for a Federal Direct Student Loan to cover the remainder of his balance if he is eligible. For additional fee information, please click here.

Example 2:

Veronica is an out-of-state student who has enrolled in 15 units at Ventura College for the fall semester. Veronica’s current fees are:

Enrollment Fee- $690 ($46 per unit)
Out-of-State tuition- $3,705 ($247 per unit)
Non-California Resident Capital Outlay Fee- $300 ($20 per unit)
Health Fee- $21
Student Center Fee- $10
Student Representation Fee- $1
Total for Semester- $4,727

Veronica was awarded a Federal Pell Grant of $3,098 for the fall semester and a Federal Direct Loan of $1,750. Based on financial aid attending hours, all 15 units of Veronica’s enrollment start on August 19. Therefore:

Veronica’s first disbursement is $1,549 (Pell) + $1,750 (loan) = $3,299

            Outstanding Balance                        $4,727

            Anticipated Financial Aid                  (3,299)

            Remaining Balance                          $1,428

Veronica’s second disbursement is $1,444 (Pell)

            Outstanding Balance                        $1,428

            Anticipated Financial Aid                  (1,549)

            Remaining Balance                          - $121

Based on the example, Veronica will be eligible for a financial aid refund of $121 on the second disbursement. 

Paying Fees:

VCCCD offers a payment plan which allows you the opportunity to make monthly, interest-free payments during each semester. The plan includes a nominal non-refundable enrollment fee of $15.

Student Loan Information:

Please visit the Student Loan Page by clicking here.