VC GP Framework

What will the Guided Pathways Framework look like at VC?

Vision: “Set Course to Completion!”

Stewards: Cross-functional design team steering the work plan to achieve the vision:

  • Design Team Chairs - Colleen Coffey (History Faculty), Sebastian Szczebiot (Classified Senate President), Kim Hoffmans (VP Academic Affairs)
  • Design Team Members (Faculty) - Lydia Morales (Academic Senate President),  Erin Brocker (Chemistry), Asher Sund (English), Eric Irwin (Automotive), Dan Clark (Biology), Corey Wendt (Counseling), Peter Sezzi (Librarian), and Gigi Fiumerodo (Anthropology)
  • Design Team Members (Classified Staff) - Krishna Juarez (I.T.), Danielle Rodriguez (Financial Aid), Arlene Reed (Admissions and Records), Tatiana Lawler (Student Connect), Chez Harper (Sciences Division), Rick Trevino (SSSP Supervisor), Matthew Moore (Instructional Technologist), Olivia Long (Academic Data Specialist)
  • Design Team Members (Administrators) - Phillip Briggs (Institutional Effectiveness), Damien Peña (Student Affairs), Lynn Wright (English and Math), Debbie Newcomb (Career Education)
  • Design Team Members (Students) - Vanessa Luis, Adrian Ponce, Daniela Orozco, Jacklyn Pinedo, Katrina Maynea, Michael Schouten, Nick Becerra, Patricia Jaimes, Sandra Grotsky, and Shan Jaurez

The design team is continually working on VC’s adoption of Guided Pathways and any and all input is always appreciated. In addition, if you are interested in joining a particular work group, please contact any of one of our Design Team Stewards.