Guided Pathways Committee

Committee Charge

The Guided Pathways Committee is an operational committee that focuses on the following elements of Guided Pathways:

  • Cross-Functional Inquiry - College constituents (including staff, faculty across disciplines and counselors, administrators, and students) examine research and local data on student success and discuss overarching strategies to improve student success.  College engages in broad, deep and inclusive discussion and inquiry about the Guided Pathways approach, framework and evidence.
  • Shared Metrics - College is using clearly identified benchmarks and student data to track progress on key activities and student academic and employment outcomes. Those benchmarks are shared across key initiatives.
  • Integrated Planning - College-wide discussions are happening with all stakeholders and support/commitment has been expressed by key stakeholders to utilize the Guided Pathways framework as an overarching structure for the college’s main planning and resource allocation processes, leveraging existing initiatives and programs such as (but not limited to): Student Success and Support Program (SSSP), Basic Skills Initiative/Basic Skills  Student Outcomes and Transformation Program (BSI/BSSOT), Equity Planning (Student Equity/SE), Strong Workforce Program (SWF).
  • Inclusive Decision-Making Structures - College has identified key leaders that represent diverse campus constituents to steer college-wide communication, input and decisions regarding the Guided Pathways framework. Constituents have developed transparent cross-functional work-teams to provide the Guided Pathways effort with momentum and regularly provide opportunities for broad college-wide input.


Student Co-Chair - Carlo Plascencia

Faculty Co-Chair - Corey Wendt

Classified Co-Chair - Sebastian Szczebiot

Administrative Co-Chair - Lynn Wright



Student  Faculty Classified Administrator

Carlo Plascencia* 

ASVC President

Dan Clark

VCAS President

Sebastian Szczebiot*

VCCS President

Lynn Wright, Dean*
Venisa Rodriguez Corey Wendt* Alma Rodriguez Debbie Newcomb, Dean
Colin Braza Cynthia Wetzel Krishna Juarez Lisa Putnam, Dean
  Erin Brocker Libby Fatta Jennifer Kalfsbeek-Goetz, VPAA
  Gigi Fiumerodo Nan Duangpun Damien Pena, VPSA
  Jimmy Walker Sarah Mossembekker  
  Peter Sezzi Sharon Oxford  
  Rachel Johnson Tatiana Lawler  


**Meeting are currently being held  online until further notice

2nd and 4th Friday of each month from 10:00am to 11:30am in the Campus Center Conference Room