Guided Pathways Events

Guided Pathways Spring Retreat 

Feb 8, 2019 The Guided Pathways spring retreat was an engaging and interactive day well attended by a diverse number of classified professionals, faculty, students and administrators. Faculty led exercises highlighting strategies and considerations for assisting students with entry, including employment and degree applicability.  Attendees utilized smart phones and tablets to complete an online skills and career inventory assessment before moving onto an affinity activity.  A student panel shared how the skills and career assessment tools they have used may have affected their chosen field of study.  Additionally, our Math and English departments provided important AB705 updates.


Spring Retreat Feb 8, 2019 - Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways Roundtable Discussion

Dec 3, 2018 With our year of inquiry almost over, we held a roundtable on campus at Guthrie Hall to share what we have learned and accomplished so far.  Activities included Mapping Exemplars, Course Clustering takeaways, and a student led presentation.  Our Pirate Administrators, Students, Classified Professionals and Faculty committed to keeping the path moving forward so that Students Sail to Success. 



Guided Pathways Fall Retreat

Sept 21, 2018 Our fall retreat took place at the Crown Plaza hotel in Ventura.  Over 120 Pirates participated in the activity-packed, daylong retreat.  The day began with a diverse student panel discussion then members of our faculty led a mapping exercise that challenged participants to create their own educational plan utilizing only the resources that are currently available to our students.  The results were revealing, highlighting the need for effective and clear pathways.  Lunch featured a fun team building Pirate Pride Fashion Show.  The retreat wrapped up with a Meta Major activity, where groups attempted to create program and career clusters.


Serious Morning Pathway Goupwork
Student Panel Guided Pathways

Bakersfield College Guided Pathways Presentation & Roundtable

Apr 27, 2018 Ventura College welcomed Lesley Bonds, Director of Student Success and Equity at Bakersfield College and the lead for the advisory board that launched the California Guided Pathways Project.  Lesley provided instruction on Guided Pathways for our team of administrators, classified professionals, and faculty members, highlighting the fundamental elements of the Guided Pathways System (GPS).  As a practitioner with experience on an operational implementation team, she spoke about identifying short-term goals in the operation of an integrated framework at Ventura College.



Guided Pathways Roundtable Discussion

Mar 12, 2018 Over 40 administrators, classified professionals and faculty gathered to continue the Guided Pathways dialogue.  As a first introduction for some and a slight refresher to others, participants delved deeper to question and explore possible implications of Guided Pathways on our campus.  Questions to define student success and if utilizing a GP framework would improve the pathway for students were examined.  During the roundtable, participants gained a better understanding of Guided Pathways and how implementation would keep pathways broad while creating focus and offering students clearly identifiable resources to achieve their goals, more affordably and efficiently.



Guided Pathways Roundtable Discussion

Feb 12, 2018 Approximately 80 classified professionals, administrators and faculty participated in a rich and robust roundtable discussion.  Members of our Ventura College community came together with questions about Guided Pathways (GP), freely sharing their knowledge and answering questions utilizing the Know, Want, Learn (KWL) framework.  The KWL activity provided a safe space for inquiry, insightful questioning and for community building across diverse disciplines and work groups.