The award is given to those individuals who, through their efforts, have made a positive difference at Ventura College. The recipient of the Starfish Award receives a small gold-plated starfish pin, his or her name up on the marquee in lights for a month, and a certificate that bears the following story:

     An old man sees a younger man throwing beached starfish into the ocean. The man asks why he is doing this. The younger man replies. “If the starfish are left on the beach, they will die.” The older man says, “But there are thousands of miles of beach, and millions of starfish. What you are doing couldn’t make much difference.” As he throws another starfish into the ocean, the younger man replies, “But it makes a difference to this one.”

The Starfish Award is given monthly by the Staff Development Committee. The award goes to a classified person one month, a faculty member the next and a manager or supervisor every third month. Congratulations, all!

Starfish Awardees



january 2007, heather untalan with robert renger

January 2007
Heather Untalan, Coordinator of Distance Education, with Robert Renger, Dean


february 2007, robin douglas with robin calote

February 2007
Robin Douglas, Supervisor, Child Development Center (right) with Dr. Robin Calote, President


march 2007, eva gallardo

March 2007
Eva Gallardo, Financial Aid Tech (classified staff) with Ramiro Sanchez, Executive Vice President of Student Learning


april 2007, ralph james

April 2007
Professor Ralph James, Counseling, with Robin Calote, President