Vision Statement

Ventura College is an educational leader providing a positive and accessible learning environment that is responsive to the needs of students, promotes success, develops students to their full potential, creates lifelong learners, and fosters positive human values for successful living and membership in a global environment. The College is a national model on how institutions of higher learning can combine innovative programs, student support, and instructional technologies to provide outstanding learning opportunities and community services.

CID Themes for Values and Practices

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Diversity

  • Fun/Joy

  • Honor/Morals

  • Learning

  • Shared Governance/Participation

  • Standards

Organizational Values

The Ventura College community is committed to following a set of enduring core Values that guide it through changing times and give rise to its Vision, Mission and Goals.

We believe in the personal dignity and full potential of every individual and in fostering positive human Values in the classroom and in all our interactions.

We are committed to maintaining an open, honest and ethical environment.

We are dedicated to achieving excellence in the broad range of academic programs and services we provide to our students and the community.

We are committed to creating a professional and supportive environment where students, faculty, and staff can achieve personal growth and fulfillment.

We believe it is essential to provide and nurture learning opportunities for all individuals.

We recognize that change is constant and that it is imperative that we continually evaluate our performance and seek new and improved approaches to providing educational programs and services.

We are dedicated to embracing and responding to our increasingly diverse student body.

Ventura College values its importance to the community and is dedicated to enhancing the community’s quality of life and to meeting its needs.

We believe that better results are achieved by working together, whether as colleagues on College issues and decisions or by actively seeking to form partnerships with other organizations to address mutual Goals.